Monday, April 20, 2009

dropping the ball

I'm afraid the comics are taking a small break. I have them all drawn up through 4/18 but that's also 18 comics to ink and scan. I know what you are thinking..."just ink and scan a few right now so I can get my comic fix!" Well sure that's easy to do if you aren't a OCD freak who can't seem to make herself not finish all of them. However I do plan to stop drawing them till I get those finished so I won't be forever behind. :\

Sorry for the inconvenience but I will be sure to post a twitter about when the comics are back up. To help fill the time till the next comic comes up you can check out this THREE HOUR LONG "podcast" attempt that my friends and I did last week. Heh, I'm to one giggling through out.

EDIT: helps if I put the link on here..."podcast"

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