Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What were you doing? (Tuesday edition)


I was getting my pages ready for this issue. In other words, I was finding work to do b/c at the moment I'm done with all my ads and revisions. I know more are on the way, but it just so happened that at 1:30 today I was caught with not a whole lot to do. Yes, I do have to set up my pages every week, so it is not like I'm doing something I don't have to do, but it takes like a second to do and can be done at anytime before I lay out my pages.

Actually, at exactly 1:30 I was doodling in my notebook. I took a pic of it with my phone and was going to post that, but to get it from my phone to here I have to send it via text to my phone account online and I don't have any texting minutes right now so that idea went away.

iTunes: "Brahminy Kite" by Caribou

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